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In My Head

In My Head is my debut electronic music album. There are a variety of genres included, from electronica and R&B to cinematic and orchestral music. 

The album as a concept began as the development of a single song - Feel Human Again - in summer of 2020. Cooped up at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic and its fallout, I re-entered the world of electronic music for the first time in years. From there, I got sidetracked with many additional projects, most of which ended up making their way into the album by the end of production in Spring 2021. The album you hear now is a result of my own production, audio engineering, and songwriting journey as I learned and mastered how to complete each step of the process.


The main theme of this album is my own personal story of battling anxiety as I, alongside many others, found myself isolated from the world around me during quarantine. Stuck with just the thoughts in my head, I began working on finding new ways to share my experiences with the world. 

Audio Mastering

I have been studying and practicing the subtle art of mastering songs and audio files. See the demo for a quick recap of what audio mastering is and a side by side comparison of a song I mastered recently. Visit the Contact page to reach out to me if you are interested in having your audio file professionally mastered for commercial release!

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