Who is Alex McGrath?

A composer, producer, teacher, and multi-instrumentalist, Alex McGrath is an ambitious musician who has tried his hand at many different styles of writing. Since picking up the violin at age five, Alex has added French horn, trumpet, bass guitar, and piano to his collection of musical instruments. The budding young composer started messing around with his father's copy of Finale when he was six, and quickly learned the ins and outs of music theory and notation. His first major work was a jazz combo in 11/8 time, "Runaway," which he completed in 2011. Alex has since dabbled in many different composing styles, from Romantic symphonic overtures to string quartets to minimalist chamber works. Alex was accepted as a 2019 Butler Summer Institute Scholar in order to research symphonic poems and ultimately compose one of his own. Alex’s music has been played at numerous venues in Indianapolis, from the Hilbert Circle Theatre to the Howard L. Schrott Center for the Performing Arts, with broadcasts of his works aired on WFYI. He has also been performed at the University of Louisville, and recently his String Quartet in G was performed by the award-winning Argus Quartet in New York City. Alex teaches violin and Electronic Music Production & Sound Design with the Butler Community Arts School in Indianapolis, Indiana.

While he greatly enjoys trying out new genres of music, Alex truly loves how film score amplifies emotions in movie scenes and aspires to write music for movies, television shows, and video games. In his free time, Alex plays for multiple Butler Esports teams, and has served as Vice President of Operations for the organization. Alex is currently studying Music Composition with Dr. Michael Schelle and Dr. Frank Felice at Butler University, while also working towards a double major in Computer Science.