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Who is Alex McGrath?

A composer, producer, teacher, and multi-instrumentalist, Alex McGrath is an ambitious musician specializing in an eclectic mix of styles ranging from 8-bit video game scores to classical chamber works. Since picking up the violin at age five, Alex has added French horn, trumpet, bass guitar, and piano to his collection of musical instruments. As a composer, Alex enjoys mixing electronic textures and sound design elements into orchestral settings, and vice versa. Alex has been immersed in a variety of workflows, from digital composition in Digital Audio Workstations like Logic, Pro Tools, and FL Studio to score notation and engraving in Finale. Alex has worked on a wide array of projects, from scoring and sound design for video games and films to composing contemporary solo, chamber, choral, and orchestral works. Alex has also worked as a Music Copyist in the film industry. Alex’s music has been played and recorded at numerous venues across the United States, aired on radio stations like WFYI, and streams on platforms such as Spotify and YouTube. As a teacher, Alex has taught violin, music production, sound design, and electronic synthesis to dozens of students across the world.

In addition to composing, Alex is a passionate video game enthusiast and software engineer, and has developed games and business software with colleagues in the industry. Alex acquired his BM in Music Composition after studying with Dr. Michael Schelle and Dr. Frank Felice at Butler University, additionally obtaining a BS in Computer Science. He is currently an Associate Instructor at the Indiana University Jacobs School of Music working towards a MM in Visual Media Scoring, studying scoring and engineering with film composer Larry Groupé and sound engineer Steven Wayne Thomas.

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