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Short films and rescored scenes with score samples


The Oceanmaker is a ten minute short film about one pilot's quest to restore rainfall to a barren desert region in a world where pilots are forced to compete with each other to collect what few drops of water they can from clouds that rarely appear in the sky. This film was provided to contestants in a Cine Film Scoring Competition.


This original score was composed by me as a part of coursework at the Indiana University Jacobs School of Music.


Wrapped is a short film provided to contestants in a Berlin International Film Scoring Competition. The animation follows the life cycle of a viral particle that spreads across the planet in quite an explosive manner. I chose to score this in a fully electronic style, bringing my roots in EDM into a film score context.

This original score was composed by me as a part of coursework at the Indiana University Jacobs School of Music.

The Captain

The Captain is a short montage of drone footage recorded at beaches, lakes, and deep in the ocean. This score aims to coalesce these disparate shots into one cogent storyline. What story do you hear being told? 

This original score was composed by me as part of coursework at the Indiana University Jacobs School of Music.

Somos Tierra

Somos Tierra is a Spanish short film about our connection to the Earth we inhabit. The story follows a Spanish family's move from the countryside to the city, and serves as a valuable reminder that "We Are the Earth" we live on, and that we should remember to cherish and protect it.

This original score was composed by me as part of coursework at the Indiana University Jacobs School of Music.


Vista is a short film created by Alex McGrath that explores the beauty of Earth's various landscapes. Take a journey through lush forests, looming mountains, and icy tundra, and enjoy my orchestral score in the process!

I had a blast learning video editing and storyboarding techniques for this project, but the highlight was absolutely working with Spitfire Audio's brand new orchestral legato library, Appassionata Strings, as well as some better brass sounds from Cinematic Studios and additional Spitfire Originals libraries. 

Like and Follow

Like and Follow (2019) is an animated short film created by Brent Forrest and Tobias Schlage, following the story of a little boy that can't see anything but the display of his smartphone. Each time he starts to realize the beauty and dangers of the world around him his smartphone forces his attention back to the screen.


This score was created for and submitted to the 2022 Score The World 3 Film Scoring Competition, as one of thousands of entries. 

Baby Driver Chase Scene

Baby Driver (2017) is a fantastic movie centered around a heist crew's getaway driver, whose nickname is "Baby." The opening scene is an expertly choreographed car chase, seen here fully rescored for a jazz fusion combo.

LOST - Desmond and Penny's Phone Call

LOST remains one of my favorite TV shows of all time, many years after its conclusion in 2010. Stranded on an island, Desmond attempts to call and reconnect with his ex-girlfriend Penny after 8 long years of estrangement. While Michael Giacchino's original score for this show is fantastic, I figured I'd give rescoring one of the most emotional scenes I've seen in TV a shot. 

Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker Premiere Trailer

Star Wars has continued to remain my favorite longstanding sci-fi franchise, and Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker was a visually stunning film, regardless of your own opinions on the storyline (I personally enjoyed it, but know many who did not). The trailer for this film is no exception, though I had some qualms with how many of John Williams' original themes were used incorrectly or without visual cues. Here's my attempt at fixing their mistakes.

The Expanse
Title Sequence

The Expanse is another favorite sci-fi show of mine, depicting a brutal but enticing view of what life could be like a couple hundred years in the future after colonizing Mars and the Asteroid Belt. Exciting action sequences, political intrigue, spaceflight technologies, and unknown enemies provide this show with a plethora of engaging content and I hope that there are many more seasons to come. I rescored the opening title sequence from season one as my first foray into the realm of film scoring, and had an absolute blast with it! I hope you enjoy.

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